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  • Also referred to as calcium magnesium carbonate or limestone. Dolocron is a mixture of mainly Dolomite with small traces (0.1-1%) of Quartz and Tremolite.
  • Dolomite (CaMg(Co3)2 or CaCO3.MgCO3.) is a type of milled limestone that is a useful source of both calcium and magnesium. As such, dolomite may be used in a glaze that calls for both whiting (calcium carbonate) AND magnesium carbonate or talc, allowing the chemist to use just one powdered material instead of two.
  • Aside from talc, dolomite is the main source of magnesium oxide in high temperature glazes. Dolomite can be used as a high temperature flux and to promote crystal formations in glazes -- glazes that use this material often aim to achieve the well-known dolomite matte surface, which is a pleasant matte. On its own, dolomite has refractory properties, but when it is combined with oxides in glazes, it properly fuses.
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